Copy Asana projects from one workspace to another.

Update 24th March 2016: Asana have discontinued the supply of API keys, so I've implemented the proper OAuth login flow. Sorry it took so long!

Update 24th April 2016: Copy jobs for large projects which take over 1 hour should now work without complaining about the OAuth tokens expiring.

Update 8th August 2016: Attachments are now copied to the new workspace.

Update 21st Feb 2017: Copying large projects now works more reliably.

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Source code

Source code for this tool can be found at

The implementation of the copy operation is based on


No data is stored on the server - the API key is not retained between calls. No cookies are stored, unless you request the API key to be remembered.

No Warranty

This tool does not delete any data, and will not modifiy any existing projects (a new copy is made each time)

No warranty is made however - use at your own risk