Copy Asana projects from one workspace to another.


Before you start, you may need to set up a few things that the tool can't do on its own though the API.

  1. Add your new user account (for your destination workspace) to your old workspace, if not already using the same email address
  2. Log in to Asana with your new account
  3. Add any user accounts you want to keep task assignments for to the new workspace
  4. Add any custom fields you want to keep to the new workspace (pro workspaces)
  5. Log in to the tool
  6. Choose the source workspace and project you’d like to copy
  7. Choose where you’d like to copy to
  8. Hit Go!


  • 30th June 2017: Added support for board-style projects.
  • 20th August 2017: Added support for custom fields. Made possible by generous support from Gauge°
  • 10th May 2018: Added simple usage instructions - thank you to everyone who's suggested this, it should have been there from the start!
  • 15 October 2018: Several bugs fixed preventing tasks and tags from being created.

Due to the rate limits imposed by the Asana API, the copy may take some time (approximately 10-15 tasks per minute). Please be patient.


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New projects:

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Source code

Source code for this tool can be found at

The implementation of the copy operation is based on


No data is stored on the server - the API key is not retained between calls. No permanent cookies are stored, and your login token is only stored in a temporary cookie which is cleared when you close your browser.

No Warranty

This tool does not delete any data, and will not modifiy any existing projects (a new copy is made each time)

No warranty is made however - use at your own risk